Royal Oak visits 2004/5

with thanks to Agnes for the photos (and captions) and Charlie Millar

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The Northern Diving Group  who attended the Royal Oak Memorial Service in Scapa Flow on 14th October  2005

Lieutenant Colonel Norman  Thackeray made his first visit to Scapa Flow with his son to pay his respects  to the comrades who weren't as fortunate as  himself.

Joy and Allan Appleby,  Joy's dad Benjamin Tanner was lost onboard HMS Royal Oak. This was Joy and  Allan's first visit to Scapa Flow.

Jennie, Shirley & Colin  Bird who attended the Royal Oak Memorial Service. Shirley is the niece  of Kenneth Edwin Hall who was lost onboard HMS Royal  Oak

This picture shows  Kenneth & Lilian Toop, Kenneth is the youngest survivor. Kirkwall  Royal British Legion after the Royal Oak Memorial Service was held in Scapa  Flow on 14th October 2005.

Mark Higgs is the grandson  of Harold Henry Higgs who travelled from Durban, South Africa to attend the  Royal Oak Memorial Service in Scapa  Flow.


Bryan Wilkins and his son  Mark, Bryan lost his father Joseph Paschal Wilkins. Mark Wilkins travelled from  Switzerland to attend the HMS Royal Oak Memorial Service in Scapa  Flow.

Pam Barker lost her uncle  John Brown on board HMS Royal Oak and came to the Memorial Service in Scapa Flow  to pay her respects to him.

This picture shows Edna Rutledge, dad, Beverly and Howard Spencer who visited the Royal Oak site on 16 August. Beverly is the daughter of Edna who's cousin Cuthbert Heslop Ordinary Seaman was lost on board HMS Royal Oak.

This is Penelope &  Oliver Bloxham on either side of dad. Penelope is the daughter of survivor  Philip White, who lives in Pensacola Florida at the ripe age of 85. Philip  continued in the Navy for a further 33 years after the Royal Oak sinking, he  retired as a Commander and received an MBE for bomber mine  disposal.

On August 4th Henry &  Ann Blyth visited the Royal Oak site. Henry is standing on the left and Ann on  the right with dad in the centre. Henry is the nephew of Henry Butters Blyth,  Able Seaman, who was 23 when he was  lost.


This picture shows Geoff Wooldridge, Dawn Wooldridge and dad before their trip out over HMS Royal Oak on 9th June 2005. Dawn lost her father, Petty Officer Robert George Puddy, on board HMS Royal Oak.
This is the Royal Oak Plaque which was completed on 5th May 2005. The picture shows Bryan Wilkins & Jim Sholl on either side of the plaque in the Garden of Remembrance.
April 2005

This picture shows from left to right Christine Nicol, Robin Nicol, Tim Tillson and Cheryl Tillson. Christine and Cheryl are sisters who came to Orkney to pay their respects to their uncle John McIsaac Milligan, who was lost on HMS Royal Oak aged just 19 years old.

This picture shows a new plaque created completely by hand showing the Royal Oak emblem. The man who created the plaque is Martin Sims who is standing on the right hand side of the plaque, standing on the left side of is Allan Thomson who assisted Martin with the painting and building the plinth. The plinth is built of recycled church stone. The plaque is in the area of the Royal Oak Garden of Remembrance.
January 29th 2005

This picture shows Mario Zacchigna with my dad, Charlie Millar, in the Garden of Remembrance at Scapa Beach. Mario travelled from Melbourne Australia to pay the respects of his family, Mario's grandfather, John Zahra a Steward from Valletta in Malta was lost on HMS Royal Oak.
November 6th 2004

After the death of Mr John Campbell's sister, Annabella West, Mr Campbell and his family decided to come and say farewell and pay respects to his brother in law and sister. Annabella West's husband David was lost on HMS Royal Oak.
The names from left to right are, Irene Gunn, Eva Price, John Campbell, Stella Henderson, Liz Coyle, Fiona Campbell and Ann Denholm. Fiona Campbell was a grand-niece of David & Annabella West.

The pic shows the niece and nephews of E.A. Crofts who went down on board H.M.S Royal Oak, they visited the wreck site on August 10th 2003. The picture
shows from left to right David Crofts, Alan Crofts, Ann Lumsden and Charlie Millar.
This picture shows Barry Spratt, Christine Spratt and Charlie Millar before they went on board the Scapa Pathfinder which took them out over the wreck in Scapa Flow on 12th June 2004. Christine's uncle, Robert Edmunds and father, J.Sherwood both survived the disaster.
This pic shows Barry & Christine Spratt on board the Scapa Pathfinder with Charlie Millar after a short service of thanks was performed for the saving of lives of Christine's father and uncle, unfortunately her father is no longer alive.
This pic shows me Agnes McBarron (Charlie's daughter) (right), joining my father and Christine & Barry Spratt above H.M.S Royal Oak.
My first visit over the wreck
From left Dorothy, Kenneth Toop's sister, next Lilian Toop, Kenneth's wife, next Kenneth Toop, next to him is Craig Simpson aged 22 grandson of Norman Hinde a Royal Oak survivor who has since died, Jonathon Southerington, Craig's uncle, next Kathryn Southerington, Craig's aunt whose father was Norman Hinde. Lastly a face you know, Charlie Millar taken on 23rd May 2004 after visiting the wreck site.
From left Mrs Lilian Toop, Kenneth's wife, Mr Kenneth Toop, youngest to survive the sinking of H.M.S Royal Oak. Aged 81 years and his sister Dorothy.
Kenneth Toop, Craig Simpson and Kathryn Southerington in the Garden of Remembrance to those lost on H.M.S Royal Oak at Scapa.
Craig Simpson, Jonathon Southerington, Dad and Kathryn Southerington taken before they left.

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