Royal Oak visits 2013

with thanks to Agnes for the photos and captions

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On Monday 9th September I was delighted to meet a family who came to pay their respects to a long lost brother and uncle, William Maclaren was 17 years old when he lost his life on H.M.S. Royal Oak and not for one day has his brother forgotten about him. The picture shows, Jim Anderson, Pat Sutherland, William Sutherland, Cath Maclaren, Donnie Maclaren and Wendy Anderson.
Donnie was little over a year old when he lost his brother but today he came to see for himself where he now rested, also with him was is nephew William who was named after the boy sailor lost almost 74 years ago.
Paul Mayfield, Val and Colin Ashby had a quick visit to the wreck site on 1st November 2013,

Colin lost his uncle on 14th October 1939. Kenneth Ashby was according to records a 17 year old Boy Sailor when he was lost although according to Colin's family he would only have been 16 at the time of his death.

It was a quick trip as we didn't have the best of weather but at least the family managed to see the wreck on the scanner which made their visit all the more important.

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