Royal Oak 69th Anniversary Memorials 2008

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H.M.S Royal Oak wreath laid by Agnes McBarron on behalf of Brian Godwin. Brian lost his uncle, Thomas George Godwin, onboard H.M.S Royal Oak.

The two H.M.S Royal Oak survivors who managed to attend this years Memorial Service, Kenneth Toop aged 85 and Norman Thackeray aged 89. This picture shows them with a poppy wreath floating on the waters of Scapa Flow with the H.M.S Royal Oak marker buoy further in the distance.

The diving team from NDG who attended this years H.M.S Royal Oak 69th Memorial service.

The full group from NDG who attended the 69th Memorial Service for the sinking of H.M.S Royal Oak in the Royal British Legion Kirkwall.

Craig Sinclair with the ashes of H.M.S Royal Oak Survivor Fernleigh Judge.

Kenneth Toop handing over the ashes of H.M.S Royal Oak survivor Fernleigh George Judge, from Peterborough, to Orkney lad Craig Sinclair who laid a wreath over the wreck some 20 years ago as a sea cadet with T.S.S Thorfinn.
Fernleigh's ashes were placed gently in a porthole, wrapped in a white ensign by Able Seaman Billy Miller.

Lieutenant Commander Andy Ward presenting Royal British Legion Kirkwall branch's President Bryan Taylor with the diving team wall plaque.

H.M.S Royal Oak survivors Norman Thackeray and Kenneth Toop

The opened Ensign being shown at it's full length by NDG divers standing behind Norman Thackeray and Kenneth Toop.

Norman Thackeray & Kenneth Toop with Lieutenant Commander Andy Ward, Agnes is at the back with her arms around the two special men

A. B. Alan Lofthouse presenting the Battle Ensign, removed from H.M.S Royal Oak on 10th October 2008, to H.M.S Royal Oak survivor Norman Thackeray.

A.B Alan Lofthouse presenting Norman Thackeray with his Ensign, Royal Navy Divers from N.D.G in the background

The face of a very proud man at being selected to receive the Ensign.

A toast to absent friends

Norman Thackeray with his Ensign

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