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Royal Oak

A 50 minute documentary available on DVD

(This documentary contains unique interviews with those involved and affected by the tragedy
and has never been broadcast on television)

The wreck of HMS Royal Oak in Scapa Flow is a designated war grave and all diving is prohibited but in 2000 a special permission was granted by the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy for the wreck to be filmed as a moving tribute to all those who lost their lives.

This new professionally produced 50 minute video includes underwater images of the wreck which have never been seen before and there are interviews with survivors and Orcadian Sandy Robertson who was the first diver to go on the wreck the day after she sank. Also included is coverage of another unique event when the ashes of Dorothy Golding, wife of Bandsman Arthur Golding, who went down with the ship, were taken down by her grandson, Christopher Kilford, and placed in the wreck to reunite the couple.

The finale is the unfurling of a battle ensign on the upturned hull by a Royal Navy diver on the anniversary of her sinking and the final credits include the names of all those who died in the tradgedy.

Running time 50 minutes. Narrated by Tom Fleming. Produced by PR Productions. Directed by Peter Rowlands

UK price £16.95 + £3.50 postage = £20.45

Europe price £16.95 + £4.50 postage = £21.45

Worldwide price £16.95 + £5.50 postage = £22.45

Send a cheque (must be drawn on a UK bank) payable to PR Productions


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